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General Secretariat of Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association (İMMİB), founded in 1986, is a semi-governmental and nonprofit organization.

İMMİB, carries out an outstanding role representing around 22.000 member companies who produce and/or export almost all kinds of minerals, natural stones, chemicals and chemical products, ferrous and nonferrous metals, electrical/electronics, cosmetics, jewelery and many more.

Thus, İMMİB is composed of 6 Exporters' Associations, which are;

  • Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (İDDMİB)
  • Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association (İMİB)
  • Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB)
  • Electrical Electronics and Service Exporters' Association (TET)
  • Jewellery Exporters' Association (MİB)
  • Steel Exporters' Association (ÇİB)

The main activities of İMMİB are as follows:

  • Export Registration;
  • Trade Promotion and Development;
  • R&D, Innovation and Design Activities;
  • Economic Research and Reporting;
  • Consulting;
  • Coordination and Public Relations;
  • Training;
  • Publication;

The main areas in which İMMİB is carrying activities and taking part in projects in order to increase competitiveness level of the members are as follows:

  • - Entrepreneurship
  • - Vocational Education;
  • - Industrial Design;
  • - Green Economy and Sustainability;
  • - Circular Economy;
  • - Clustering and Industrial Symbiosis;
  • - R&D and Innovation;
  • - Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • - Competitiveness of SMEs

İMMİB is a professional organization with applying a particular notion which is called “one-stop  shop”. This enables İMMİB as being a hub between the industry and public institutions. It creates co-operations and improves projects with the collaboration of local and international institutions and organizes training courses, seminars and meetings. These actions aim to inform member firms and individuals about sectoral developments and regulations, thus to encourage them in working in the related sectors and contribute their competencies. In addition, İMMİB has strong connections to cooperate in the way to achieve their aims such as public institutions, universities, chambers of commerce and industry, NGOs and related stakeholders.

Contact us:

Phone: +90 212 454 09 86 

Fax: +90 212 454 00 01

E-mail: abproje@immib.org.tr

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